Apartment buildings for municipalities and landowners for housing construction

On September 17, 2020 at the Chateau in Bartošovice, our real estate agency FORTUNA REALITY s.r.o. in cooperation with the developer and construction company PKP CZ s.r.o. from the VAE Controls Group a.s. and design offices ATELIER 38 s.r.o. presented to the participants of the General Meeting of the MAZ of the Poodří region, z.s., whose members are 35 municipalities of the Poodří region represented by the mayors, a lecture on the topic of apartment houses for municipalities (with subsidies).
The presentation was opened by the real estate broker of our company, Mr. Josef Benetka, and the lecture was presented by the construction and development company PKB CZ s.r.o. director Ing. Pavel Czen, an authorized engineer. Mr. Director acquainted the individual participants, what is our consortium of companies and the division of individual activities within the consortium. He continued with the introduction of the main goal of the construction of apartment buildings with a wooden construction type. The individual advantages of these modern construction systems were presented. It also continued with the presentation of individual types of apartment buildings and with the possibility of financing from the state budget in the form of announced subsidy programs. As part of the questions, at the end of the presentation he got to the individual prices of houses and housing units.
This consortium of companies offers this project of construction of apartment houses for municipalities and owners of land for housing construction within the development of housing not only in cities, but also smaller municipalities and villages. This involves the construction of smaller apartment buildings, usually up to 12 residential units, and the individual apartment buildings are designed to be architecturally in line with the existing development of the majority of family houses. The project is not only intended for municipalities, but for private investors landowner for apartment buildings.
We are ready to present the presentation to you, the owners of suitable land, municipalities, associations of municipalities and associations, etc.
We believe that our presentation of the consortium of companies FORTUNA REALITY s.r.o., PKB CZ s.r.o. and ATELIER 38 you can also book with us.
In case of your interest, please call 602 580 267, Ing. Martin Sasínek.