Can I use the market appraisal for a bank as a document for selling my real estate?

Prodej nemovitosti

Definitely not recommended. The contractual appraisers of banks proceed according to internal guidelines - appraisal regulations in the market appraisal of real estate. The appraisers must respect these regulations. They should be in line with the generally accepted real estate appraisal methods, but unfortunately are not.

In Act No. 257/2016 on Consumer Credit, as amended in § 113 par.3, it says:

“When appraising the subject of collateral for a consumer credit for housing, the subject of collateral shall be apprised using the current price under the Act on Valuation of Property. The appraisal of the subject of collateral must be impartial and objective and must be recorded in paper form or on another durable data storage device. The persons performing the appraisal of the subject of collateral shall be trustworthy, professionally competent and sufficiently independent on the consumer credit granting process. “

According to the internal appraisal rules of banks, for example, the appraiser of residential real estate property must not take into account the yield appraisal method. The prices and areas of building lands are calculated differently. It cannot be independent if the appraiser of the real estate is not paid by the mortgage applicant but directly or vicariously by the bank.

In other words, market appraisals of real estate for banks are undervalued due to their caution.