Personal processing data

Fortuna s.r.o., the operator of Fortuna s.r.o., is aware that we process information which contains personal data in conformity with č. 101/2000 Sb., O ochraně osobních údajů. We are fully aware of the importance to protect personal data as well as abiding by the related rules. Our company employs many methods to protect personal and confidential data. Fortuna s.r.o. Ltd neither provides nor sells any of our clients’ personal information to third parties, does not collect, process sensitive data on registered users, especially personal data on the ethnic, racial or ethnic origin, political beliefs, religious and philosophical beliefs, crime, health and sex life.


Cookies are small text files which are necessary for websites to function properly of the website. Therefore we have to store some cookies on your computer, as most large websites do nowadays.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are sent to your browser and saved on your computer, mobile phone or other device when you visit a website. For a certain time the website maintains your login, password, language and other personal preferences, so you needn’t enter them again.

How we use cookies?

This website uses cookies. Some of them help us monitor which parts of the website are most visited for which we use the DoubleClick cookie. Provided you do not mind this monitoring, yet you do not want to be identified, you can disable the browser’s unique identifier and enable cookies on our website. Alternatively, you may install the opt-out extension for all websites.

Cookie name Expires Source Purpose
PHPSESSID when the user's browser is closed own It is used to refer to user data that is stored on the server. This is the information about the user, demonstrating the presence of man (CAPTCHA).
eu_cookie_consent after 30 days own Used to store the visitor's decisions regarding storing cookies. It does not identify the visitor.
posledni_zobrazene after 1 hour own RECENT used to monitor on-screen menus. Does not identify the visitor.
__ga after 2 years third party Used to monitor site traffic and visitor favorite events. Identifies a particular visitor.

How to manage cookies

Use of cookies can be adjusted in compliance with why and how you want to use them (you may also delete them). You will find more detailed information on You may delete all cookies which have already been saved on your computer. In addition, most browsers enable users to stop storing cookies on their PCs. If you do make use of this, though, you will probably have to manually adjust some preferences for each visit of the websites. However, some functions are excluded from editing.

Cookies can be both enabled and disabled using the links further. Now the cookies are disable. Enable cookies / Disable cookies.