Do you want to live? Beware of banks cutting and how to avoid disappointment when arranging a mortgage.

During the ongoing bottled second wave of coronavirus, the banks began to proceed significantly more cautiously. They recommend (ie rather order) their bank appraisers to reduce their valuation estimates necessary for approving applicants' mortgage loans by 15% or more! This means that today many more mortgage applicants will no longer reach.
Unfortunately, usually the loan applicant (potential buyer of the property) finds out only at the time when he had to conclude a reservation contract with the real estate agency for the purchase of the property and pay the reservation fee. Another bad news is that most real estate agents return a maximum of 50% of this booking fee if the mortgage is refused.
 It will not happen to you with us! Why?
Because we always value the property before concluding the reservation contract, as contract appraisers do for banks. The client (buyer) should then be sure that he will already receive the mortgage in the required amount. And if not, it was our fault and we return everything. Many real estate agencies do not offer such a service as we do !!!
The above implies the logical necessity and importance of calculating the correct market valuation not only for the buyer, but especially for the seller not to sell overpriced real estate, because then the buyer not only does not buy anything from him, but can both suffer always earns.

Do not sell or buy any real estate without a pre-calculated and properly calculated market valuation and determining the usual real estate price. This saves you not only your time, but also a lot of your money.
7. 10. 2020