Wooden buildings - subsidy opportunities for municipalities

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Wooden buildings - subsidy opportunities for municipalities

We offer construction projects and construction for municipalities from subsidy programs - Support for nursing homes, Support for community homes for the elderly, Support for the construction of houses with rental apartments, Living within 6 months.
Reference number: 0061
Project type: Flats
Price: housing up to 6 months, price calculated on request
Construction start: 09/2020
Area: 5000 m2 m2
Dokončení výstavby:03/2021

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Ing. Martin Sasínek

Contact the broker

Based on the agency agreement, we offer construction projects for municipalities from subsidy programs - Support for nursing homes, Support for community homes for the elderly, Support for the construction of houses with rental apartments, Construction of social and mixed houses. Our advantages - housing within 6 months, fast construction compared to brick buildings, lower investment costs for construction and meeting the required energy performance standards of buildings.
Subsidy from the Ministry of Regional Development: Name of the program: SUPPORTED FLATS, Recipients of the subsidy: municipalities, churches and a.s. any legal entity or state-run organization. Basic conditions: subsidy of CZK 600,000 per housing unit, nursing flats are subsidized according to the floor area, completion of the implementation within 2 years at the latest, allocated funds of CZK 260 million and other parameters for the Community Home for the Elderly.
Subsidy State Fund for Housing Development: Name of the program: CONSTRUCTION FOR MUNICIPALITIES, Recipients of the subsidy: Eligible applicants are municipalities, associations of municipalities, city districts of Prague, city districts. Conditions for providing support: the minimum floor area of ​​a rental apartment is 23 m2 and does not exceed 120 m2, construction must take place outside the floodplain, the applicant is the owner of the land.
Name of the program: RENTAL HOUSES, Grant recipients: municipalities, legal entities, in their exclusive ownership is the land on which the construction will be carried out, or in whose exclusive ownership is the building or apartment where the construction or building modifications will be carried out, Selected conditions of provision and use of the loan: minimum floor area of ​​the rental apartment 25 m2, maximum 90 m2, one of each started 5 apartments must be adjustable, construction outside the floodplain, apartments cannot be used for any purpose other than rental housing, lease agreement with a natural person for a maximum of one year, drawing a loan must count within 6 months of signing the loan agreement and end no later than 3 years, the loan can be drawn during the construction period.
We offer you: - processing of project documentation from architectural study to implementation documentation,
- performance of engineering activities for the issuance of a building permit,
- author's supervision during the construction,
- delivery of a wooden building according to the prepared project documentation,
- co-participation in the submission of an application for a subsidy for the construction of an apartment building in the above-mentioned subsidy titles.
Limits and parameters of a wooden building:
- PENB in ​​categories A (to B)
- heat transfer coefficient U = 0.120 W / m2.K
- fire resistance REI 60 DP3
- soundproofing Rw = 44 dB
- max. up to 3 NP
- guaranteed final price
- 30 year warranty

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Region: Moravskoslezský kraj
District: Ostrava-město
City: Ostrava
Street: Vítkovická 3276 / 2

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Number Layout Area Floor Balcony/Loggia/Terrace/Garden Parking Cellar/storage Orientation Condition Price
0061 5000 m2 0 0 m2/ 0 m2/ 0 m2 / 0 m2 0 no -- aktivní bydlení do 6 měsíců