Sales of houses from blocks of expanded clay

When I started going to Poland to buy NOSINE Forte or GROPRINOSIN Forte for my friends and acquaintances because of their treatment COVID-19 (see last article), I could not miss Poland's very beautiful and high-quality new family houses. Mostly built of expanded clay prefabricates.

I started to wonder what building material is? Claydite prefabricated is nothing but ceramics, very popular in our country, but made of monolith. The thickness of the outer walls made with this technology is only 15 cm and the inner walls are only 10 cm. Strength and durability is incredible. While my script from the Real Estate Valuation studio states that the maximum service life of building structures is 150 years, the manufacturer Abakon states a service life of 200-300 years. Well, they will probably have to wait for our children's children, as exactly. However, I was excited about these houses.

At the end of January, I happened to be offered to sell these houses in the Czech Republic. I was approached by an organizational unit of Abakon and at the beginning of February an agreement on business cooperation was signed with both the Polish manufacturer and the construction company Abakon.

Why did I fall in love with this type of building construction?

Price - it always comes first. It is lower compared to other types of masonry structures, because the width of the perimeter expanded clay blocks is only 15 cm and 10 cm at the inner walls. This saves on the size of the base plate and internal plaster - the boards are so smooth that they can be painted immediately.

Thermal comfort - expanded clay blocks accumulate heat and maintain a constant temperature in the house and at the same time have excellent thermal insulation properties.

Ecological-health - pressed expanded clay board is a natural material with a safety certificate.

Safety - it is a completely non-flammable and frost-resistant material completely resistant to living organisms and water.

Moisture - pressed expanded clay has high absorption capacity, about 21% - is resistant to fungi and mold.

Base slab - is a floating solid concrete slab poured on a sufficient layer of aggregate - the masonry does not crack, does not move and does not absorb moisture - a very long overall life of the building, ie as I have already stated at least 200 years. And in the end, it is very suitable for the Ostrava region, where the same shaft is the same, because this type of foundation slab is ideal for mined areas, in moist soaked, sandy and clayey soils. This is what a dream family house should look like.

If you already have your own building plot, you can leave us to worry about processing the building permit.

If you are just looking for a building plot, contact us, we will help you find and obtain it. We will check the construction of the land in terms of spatial planning information, easements, neighbors, the possibility of individual connections to utilities and we will arrange the subsequent purchase of land for you, only for your money. But Abakon's contractual financial and mortgage adviser will also help you with financing.

It has not been so long since Czech manufacturers boasted that their building elements are many times higher quality than Polish products. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for a long time. Family houses made of expanded clay blocks and the overall equipment with building materials are today at a much higher quality level than from domestic manufacturers at an even lower price !!!

The Abakon company offers typical family houses that you can get for a lower price, as well as houses for your individual project. All you have to do is send us your idea of ​​the floor plan of the house and our designer will design the house for you. If you have a problem with creating your own floor plan, it does not matter. My wife designs and paints the floor plan as a hobby and will be happy to help you for FREE. You will pay a little for this individual project, but if you enter into a construction contract with Abakon, this amount will be deducted from the construction of the house and you will have this service for FREE.

So, if my writing appealed to you, write, call, e-mail, but just contact us.

Thanks a lot.

March 10, 2020