What is the difference between an appraiser and an expert?

At present, the old Act on Experts and Interpreters is still in force, and at the same time, the new Act on Experts has been approved and issued with effect from 1 January 2021, but not all the implementing regulations have been published yet. That is why I would rather briefly explain the situation using the new law. An expert in real estate appraisal can only be a person with a university engineer or master's degree, who has a regulated trade for property appraisal and has 5 years of experience. Next year, such a candidate may apply to the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic for an examination. After a successful examination, he/she will be appointed and registered in the list of experts. The experts, who are now registered in the lists of experts, have a valid license to carry out this activity until 2026. From 1 January 2026, they will also have to successfully pass the examination.

The term expert is identical to the term expert witness. An expert can, unlike an appraiser with a regulated trade, perform appraisals of property - real estate for courts and tax authorities. In some cases, an expert is also necessary for notaries and auctions.

Experts most commonly prepare administrative or other official appraisals of real estate property for the tax authorities in order to determine the comparative price for the real estate acquisition tax.