Why are all appraisers not the same?

The work of a real estate appraiser or immovable property appraiser is a very old and established concept. It has been used by the appraisers with regulated trade quite commonly to this day and they even call themselves using this name.

With the fact that most of these appraisers do not sell real estate themselves or do it only irregularly (accidentally), they do not realize that this name of their activity has long been misused by most real estate agencies for the purpose of acquiring (intake) real estate for sale.

In the end, they all call themselves real estate appraisers, and nobody knows who is who. Real estate agencies are happy with this, and the appraisers with a regulated trade can only accept this situation, and the trade licensing offices don't care.

As an appraiser with a regulated trade, I prefer using the name real estate appraisal broker.