Why not buy real estate at real estate auctions ...

... because real estate is not bought under pressure, under stress and in distress!

Which is probably one of the main reasons, but not the only ones. It may happen that in real estate auctions it is possible to buy cheaper than the actual usual price. However, you usually have little time to inspect and inspect the property. And that's what real estate agencies, which focus on this way of selling as new and modern, are mainly concerned with.

An important condition in the implementation of the auction is that the seller either agrees to a lower bid price for the auction or is forced to think that the bid price for the auction is actually the usual price and is therefore intentionally misled. Then it can be assumed that the real estate agency will take advantage of the excess demand in the real estate market and thus obtain a sufficient number of buy-in, stressed out and uninformed people who will wave their hands over or overlook some shortcomings of the property.

Disappointment - that's another reason. When there are several bidders who take part in the auction and there is only one property, it is clear that there can be only one winner. Man is by nature a competitive creature. If he loses several times in auctions, he may no longer want to experience this disappointment. Even if such a buyer devotes quite a lot of time to verifying the offered auction real estate (eg elaboration of a study, verification of land - engineering networks, consultations with designers, etc.), with the failure of the auction comes the disappointment of the loss and wasted time.
Credibility. Some real estate agencies, which organize the sale of real estate in the form of real estate auctions, try to be credible thanks to the presence of a notary. This is how it is presented externally, mainly in the media. We have never encountered this in person, even though we have been to auctions. The vast majority of real estate auctions are conducted either by the envelope method or by an electronic auction, and the COVUD-19 pandemic has helped. Unfortunately, in addition to serious bidders, someone else is registered in e-auctions. It is usually a person hired by the organizer. And when bidding gets stuck, it encourages others to make fake bids and helps you get a higher sale price. If it happens that he wins the auction in this way, the organizer cancels the auction and announces a new one.

Such conduct is no longer just a deception of the consumer, but it is already a classic criminal offense of fraud during the auction. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prove, because the evidence is usually not found in the virtual world.

If you are interested in buying your chosen property with our real estate agency, we will always prepare a professional market valuation of the property for you FREE OF CHARGE. This way you will know if you are buying below or above the usual price. If you buy the land for FREE, even if you buy the land separately, we will check the availability of utilities and verify the spatial planning information regarding the location of the planned buildings.

And most importantly, when you sell or buy real estate with us, you will avoid stress, disappointment and you will not fall victim to fraud!

24. 6. 2021