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Ing. Martin Sasínek

Ing. Martin Sasínek

It is said that the beginning is always the worst; however starting the job of a real estate broker is not a question of age, but of willingness to work and perseverance.

I started my business in 1998 in a completely different field. I guess I would probably have continued with the business, but I had three partners, and over time and with age we lost confidence in each other, so at the end of 2016, I had to ask myself a question about the direction of my future career.

I once wanted to promote real estate brokerage in my former transport company, but I was stopped by my partners. However, the idea and desire to assert itself in this area remained in my mind.

I was 48 years old and starting in a big real estate company or committing to a franchising contract was probably not something that would have satisfied me. I also thought that since I had the opportunity to change my profession, it would not be bad to do something I enjoy.

I also thought that it would not be good to enter the real estate business without any theoretical preparation. In the winter of 2017, I completed my professional education in the field of real estate trader at the Association of Real Estate Offices of the Czech Republic in Prague. The training was about five weeks long and I have to say that it had a very high standard and my classmates, mostly real estate brokers, were very friendly and collegial. My classmates, experienced real estate agents, also taught me what a good broker should do to sell the client's property for the maximum achievable market price. But how to determine such a price? None of them was able to answer that question.

I started my own real estate company with my wife at the beginning of summer in 2017 and started my first real estate intakes. I managed to sell the first house in 12 months. Some may say it was a very long time, but it was a house that had been flooded up to the roof and the owner himself had been selling it for 2 years. I think my first sale was a success and both the seller and the buyer were satisfied. I focused mainly on houses where it is not so easy to find out what their position on the real estate market is and what their market price or current price or also common price is. It is not so complicated in case of flats and we can say that the market price can be relatively easy to estimate on the basis of past sales.

With respect to the fact that my goal as a real estate broker was to sell the client's property at the maximum achievable price – the question is how to correctly determine the market price?

Most real estate owners have to ask this question if they are not in any time or debt stress. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, but there are also some programs that can help you to set these prices. This is the business of companies that offer such estimation programs. But are they really reliable? Maybe yes in case of flats but it is hardly possible for other types of real estate.

In the winter of 2018, I found an interesting advertisement of the Institute of Property Valuation at the VŠB-TU in Ostrava at the Faculty of Economics led by Ing. Vladimír Kulil. The Director and his great colleague Ing. Gajdová were very friendly when they immediately agreed to meet me and to my first question, whether I was in the right place – as far as the determination of the right price of real estate is concerned – they assured me that I was. If I am a graduate of the University of Economics in Bratislava, I only need 4 semesters of study at the university and they will teach me how to appraise property during these two years. Two years??? This question was going through my mind all the time. My next question, if there is no possibility of faster study, was answered: NO. If I want to be a real estate broker and, at the same time, want to correctly valuate real estate, I have to have a regulated trade for property - real estate appraisal. And that requires having a university education and 4 semesters of this specialization study. So 6 years of university studies altogether. Pretty tough. And I didn't want to go to a medical school because I did not think it was possible to withstand it for so long. At the end of autumn in 2019, I successfully completed the 4-semester study and obtained a Certificate of Real Estate Valuation. I did not arrange my regulated trade until after the New Year.

l managed to sign a mediation contract for the sale of the cottage of my friend's mother, who had decided to sell the house, at the time of my specialization studies at the university. It was her neighbour who gave her the first price offer to buy her cottage. My friend knew I was learning how to calculate the price of a house, so she asked me if I could help her mother. So I started and measured everything properly, and I presented her with the market appraisal of the house according to the general methodology of calculation. The house was very large, but the big difference between the price offer from her neighbour and the calculation of the market price still surprised her.

The market price can become the purchase price only when a sale is agreed for that price. I can finally answer the question - how to correctly determine the maximum purchase price of real estate - and I already know now that my maximum possible selling price is the market price and I, as a real estate broker, will try to use all the means and abilities to achieve the market price - contractual purchase price - for the client (person interested in mediation of sales) just for this maximum possible price.

When I managed to explain to my friend's mother the method of the house appraisal and its subsequent sale, she said, "Martin, one can really see that you enjoy this job." She is a former elementary school teacher and her evaluation of my work on real estate appraisal so far is mark 1.


I can finally cry out:

We do not do estimates – we do appraisals!!!

We do not do estimates – we do appraisals!!!

You will not buy an overpriced property with us!!!


Ing. Martin Sasínek
real estate broker and real estate appraisal broker

Well, two in one!!


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