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We offer our clients these services:

  • Local real estate appraisal survey
  • Preparation of expert appraisal opinion of real estate
  • Pre-sale preparation - Home staging,
  • Professional photos of the real estate or a video tour of the real estate
  • Graphic presentation of the real estate ground plan
  • Processing and publishing real estate presentation on the most important real estate portals
  • Tours of the offered properties with a professional presentation
  • Complex real estate activity - legal services, preparation and elaboration of individual contracts, depository in a renowned law firm
  • Provision of financing for the purchase of real estate - mortgage loan or cooperative financing
  • Rental of real estate
  • Transfer of cooperative shares
  • Buy-out of selected real estate
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of the building
  • Development activities
  • Provision of the construction of energy-efficient houses
  • Preparation of the declaration of real estate acquisition tax including the calculation of the comparable value
  • Rental and accommodation in our own recreational facilities


You will not buy an overpriced property with us.


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