Sale of a family house made of expanded clay blocks - built-up area up to 98 m2

Sale of a family house made of expanded clay blocks - built-up area up to 98 m2
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As a sales representative of a construction company, we offer you timeless construction from durable, low-energy expanded concrete prefabricated blocks in the Moravian-Silesian Region or the Olomouc Region on our own land.

We are ready to help you with the selection and purchase of suitable land and to actively search for it for you.

The house is multi-storey and without a basement with variants 4 + kk to 5 + kk ideal for small building plots. The basic variant for the offer is the size of 4 + kk and three bedrooms - in more detail in floor plans. In the variant with an attic superstructure, on the ground floor there is 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with bathtub, toilet and technical part, living room connected with a terrace, kitchen and dining room. On the 2nd floor there are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with toilet and bath. The house can be built with a basic variant + garage.

Why choose this type of building construction?

The price always comes first. It is lower compared to other types of masonry structures, because the width of the perimeter expanded clay blocks is only 15 cm and 10 cm at the inner walls. This saves on the size of the base plate and internal plaster - the boards are so smooth that they can be painted immediately. Thermal comfort - expanded clay boards accumulate heat and maintain a constant temperature in the house and at the same time have excellent thermal insulation properties. Ecological-health - pressed expanded clay board is a natural material with a safety certificate. Safety - it is a completely non-flammable and frost-resistant material completely resistant to living organisms and water. Moisture - pressed expanded clay has high absorption capacity of about 21% - is resistant to fungi and mold. Base slab - is a floating solid concrete slab poured on a sufficient layer of aggregate - the masonry does not crack, does not move and does not absorb moisture - a very long total life of the building up to 200 years. This type of foundation slab is ideal for mined areas, moist soaked or sandy and clayey soils.

The house also contains - plastic windows, plastic rain gutters, wooden truss (not truss), concrete roofing, plasterboard ceiling, roof insulation, perimeter masonry insulation, exterior plaster with aryl coating, lightning conductor built under insulation, wooden roof ceilings from the side clad and outdoor sheet metal window sills with surface anodizing. Quality ceramic interior paving and tiling. Interior wood paneled doors. Plastic entrance doors - fireproof. Plastic terrace doors - balcony opening or sliding with recessed sill.

Construction period from 3 months of signing the contract with the assumption of a valid building permit. If you are interested, we also process a building permit for you.

Contact the offer broker for more information.

Offer information

House numberhide
Information about the property
Typ smlouvySale
Order number0077
Object positionSingle
Object kindPrefab
Object placingQuiet part of village
Layout5 or more rooms
Built area m260
Utility area m298
Lot area m21
Number of building floors2
Number of garages1
BuildingFamily house
Number of objects1
Ground floor utility area m298
Dimensions - length8.3
Dimensions - width7.3
Dimension - Height6.74
Height of the top wall2.55
Date of sale14.04.2021
Note house
Type of houseKey
Type of houseGround floor
Condition houseProject
Energy performance certificate
Energy efficiency classA - Extremely efficient
Energy Performance Certificate drawn up in accordance with264/2020 Sb.
The menu is located in the district Karviná. Please contact a broker to specify the address.

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Ing. Martin Sasínek

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