What is the difference between real estate appraisal and real estate estimate or pricing?

Rozdíl mezi oceněním a odhadem

With a few exceptions, most real estate agencies offer free so-called real estate price estimate or real estate pricing, just because they realize that performing an appraisal is an entrepreneurial activity with a regulated trade. If you ask them whether they have a regulated trade for real estate appraisal, they will answer that they only make estimates or pricing and that they do not do appraisals.

If you ask the Trade Licensing Office the same question, you will receive similar reply. In other words, the Trade Licensing Offices are not interested in finding out who is authorised to provide real estate appraisals and who is not.

That is why this activity is quite commonly offered with impunity.

If you are offered a free online market appraisal (or estimate, pricing) on various internet portals, you can be sure that someone wants to use you to get in touch with you and then mediate the sale of your real estate. If you even have to pay for this “service”, then you let them rip you off. No appraiser with a regulated trade would offer such an online service, knowing that he also has to conduct a local survey.